The LeadershipAdvantageSM Program

LeadershipAdvantageSM sessions provide methodical and comprehensive preparation to maximize individual and team performance on Tauber team projects. There is an emphasis on leading and influencing an organization through collaboration, creativity, communication, and analytics.

The Tauber Institute utilizes the Competing Values Framework to integrate all our modules. The focus of the program is on the leadership attributes that will:

  • enhance professional success
  • develop students who are well-versed in hard and soft skills
  • give students the confidence to lead from the plant floor to the boardroom.
Tauber's Leadership Advantage series helped bring my soft skills to the next level and prepared me to lead dynamic and diverse teams. I used to be a nervous presenter, but the presentation techniques I learned in Leadership Advantage and practiced throughout my Tauber project have made me a confident, compelling speaker.
Martha Neubauer (EGL BSE-Chem/MSE-IOE '16)

Martha Neubauer