Required Courses

Team Project
MFG 504/TO 703 (3 credit-hours)

Tauber Institute students will participate in the required Team Project, a multidisciplinary internship.  In preparation, students will refine their communications, team building, and project management skills through specialized seminars.  Upon completion, each student will perform in advanced analysis of the project results under the supervision of U-M faculty.

Topics in Global Operations
MFG 501/TO 701 (1.5 credit-hours)

The course begins with an overview of operations in the context of corporate strategy. This is followed by a series of modules dealing with various topics of importance in operations, such as lean production systems, supply chain management, design for manufacturability, facilities planning, the environmental, legal, and ethical issues in operations, and product design. Students learn how all these aspects of operations interconnect and how they may apply to Tauber team projects.

Manufacturing and Supply Operations
MFG 605/TO 605 (3 credit-hours)

Manufacturing and Supply Operations covers the basic concepts and techniques of operations and inventory management.  The foundation of the course is a system of manufacturing laws collectively known as “Factory Physics.”  These laws relate various measures of plant performance (such as throughput, cycle time, work-in-process, customer service, variability, and quality) in a consistent manner and provide a framework for evaluating classical operations management techniques as well as evolving new strategies.  Special emphasis is given to evaluating lean operations.  Concepts and methods are examined via exercises and case studies.

Required Electives

As part of the core MBA program students may broaden their experience by electing up to 10 hours of graduate study in other units of the University of Michigan. For Tauber MBA students, at least five and no more than 10 hours of College of Engineering electives count toward this 10-hour limit. In addition, students are required to complete 3 hours of TO business courses

As a Tauber student enrolled in a graduate engineering program a minimum of 3 hours of business course electives are required.