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In today's competitive world, Industry needs a new kind of leader - someone who can operate as a specialist, but also understand and manage the full scope of operations - someone who can lead on the plant floor and in the boardroom. Industry needs highly-capable, custom-trained talent, and the Tauber Institute creates these exceptional individuals. Tauber Institute team projects are your way of capitalizing on their abilities and experiences.

Team projects are highly visible operations-related challenges with both engineering and business components — a successful project results in a significant return on a sponsoring company's investment. The projects have historically delivered significant financial savings as well as improvements in areas such as CO2 emissions, energy consumption, throughput time, and supply chain risk. 

The 2020 Tauber Team Projects resulted in $433.8 million in savings according to sponsoring company calculations, an average of $31 million per project over three years. The comprehensive information in this section addresses the importance of Team Projects in your organization and gives you the necessary tools to participate in this valuable program.

Tauber staff can help you with an application for a Tauber Team Project. For more information, contact Tauber Associate Director Asli Aka at (734) 647-2220 or akah@umich.edu.



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Companies partnering with the Tauber Institute benefit from:
  • Strong value-added results from Team Projects
  • Enhanced recruiting activities with graduates from the Ross School of Business and College of Engineering
  • Expanded visibility among a very talented group of recruits
  • A multidisciplinary education designed specifically for operations and manufacturing professionals

"Tauber student teams are challenged by a corporate sponsor's highly visible, critically important, strategic problems. They are uniquely prepared to take on these challenges by an interdisciplinary, experiential, operations learning program that is sponsored by our industry partners. The students come from a variety of disciplines, with varying backgrounds, but all have a passion for operations. This diversity, engineering, and business graduate students working and learning together, supported by engineering and business faculty, staff and coaches, help to bring about outstanding results on today's greatest operations challenges."
- Raymond Muscat, Industry Director


2016 Dow Chemical Company
2017 Dell Technologies team
L-R: Nantha Rajendran (Tauber MBA 17), Ping Lee (PG&E Maintenance & Construction Supervisor for Fresno), Allison Sheesley (Tauber IOE 16). Students were surveying a PG&E job site in Fresno, CA.
U-M Tauber Institute for Global Operations 2012 Spotlight! Winning team Woodward Dot Gregg MBA 12 and Kevin Shallcross EGL IOE 12