ROI / High Impact Project Results

Team Projects consist of highly visible operations-related challenges with both engineering and business components. A successful team project adds value to your organization, potentially resulting in a significant return on your company's investment. When working with companies to design and select quality projects, the Tauber Institute actively seeks opportunities for students to improve a company's competitive position. Given the opportunity to perform, Tauber students consistently exceed expectations and produce substantive added value over the course of the project and into the future.

Read how Grainger improved their conversion rate of customer requests to purchase orders.

Early Recruiting Opportunities

Team Projects help with your recruiting efforts. First, companies are given the chance to present their project proposals and company histories to exceptionally qualified students. This presents a very controlled recruiting environment. Once a student team has been assembled based on the preferences of both students and companies, team projects provide a realistic evaluation period.

Another way we improve your recruiting efforts is by providing numerous opportunities to network with the entire pool of Tauber students. Tauber affiliates gain access to a group of highly talented candidates who are focused on operations-related careers. Most Tauber graduates accept jobs with past or present project sponsors and almost all of them accept jobs with companies involved in Tauber activities.

LeadershipAdvantageSM Program

Your company will also benefit from the Tauber Institute's LeadershipAdvantage Program - the most comprehensive team leadership model among peer universities. The Tauber Institute recognizes professional success is as much about interpersonal leadership skills as it is about individual and academic achievement.

All Tauber students participate in ongoing leadership and teamwork training designed to increase workplace performance. Specialized modules that comprise Tauber's LeadershipAdvantage Program develop leaders in operations through professional skills assessments, team dynamics training, supply chain modules, lean manufacturing workshops, and lectures that include leveraging effective business relationships, communication skills, project management, and decision-making.