Meet the Tauber Alumni Scholarship winners

Ann Arbor, MI - Congratulations to Bryce Garver (MBA ’22), Margaret Kirk (MBA ’22), and Sharon Sun (EGL BSE/MSE-IOE '22), recipients of the 2021 Tauber Alumni Scholarships. The Tauber Alumni Board presented the scholarships at the annual SPOTLIGHT! Team Project Showcase and Scholarship Competition Awards Ceremony.

Tauber Alumni Board President Andrew Burgess (MBA '11) remarked, "The scholarship is given to the student or students who best exemplify the traits that we value as an alumni base – and those fit into four broad categories: Student Involvement, Thought Leadership, Industry Engagement, and Team & Organizational Leadership. But really what it boils down to is continuous improvement. We want students to leave the organization better than they found it. They can do that in a myriad of ways – but ultimately we want everyone to contribute, and be incentivized to contribute.”

Typically the Tauber Alumni Board awards two alumni scholarships annually, but after evaluating an outstanding applicant group, this year the board decided to award three scholarships of $5,000 each.

Bryce Garver (MBA ’22):

I believe that when an organization gives this many unique opportunities to learn and grow, it is my responsibility to give back in any way that I can. This past year has been a challenge, as the pandemic made for an abnormal year that none of us expected. I believe that I helped to create a more inclusive environment that helped in both the professional learning and network building for the entire Tauber community.

Master of Business Administration student Bryce Garver currently serves as President of the Tauber Student Advisory Board. He has helped to connect past, current, and future students through organizing social and networking events, serving as a peer coach, providing student orientation leadership, and creating additional tutoring opportunities for students struggling this past year.

For his Tauber Team Project, Bryce spent this past summer working for the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences to illuminate key differences in the full life-cycle of a newly developed product between new digital methods and traditional methods of manufacturing.

Margaret Kirk (MBA ’22):

This year I also created a new event, faculty lunches with professors in the IOE or TO departments… Many people said they appreciated having a smaller group setting and being able to chat in a more informal way... This experience was more important now than ever given the increased challenges of building connections and authentic interactions in a virtual environment during COVID.

Master of Business Administration student Margaret Kirk serves as the Academic Chair of the Tauber Student Advisory Board. Margaret spearheaded the development of “Lunch and Learn” sessions to better connect students with faculty, led a Tauber Community Service Day project to deliver actionable results for the Detroit Food Academy, and provided support for her peers individually and through community building activities.

For her Tauber Team Project, Margaret spent this past summer working for the Whirlpool Corporation to develop a training framework for Industrial Digital Transformation initiatives and provide a robust business case to support the framework implementation.

Sharon Sun (EGL BSE/MSE-IOE '22):

I knew it would be especially important to cultivate togetherness at a time where everyone had to be apart and virtual…. Being part of the Tauber program and interacting with the wonderful people within the community has been such a great experience. Going forward, I plan to continue answering questions for anyone interested in the program and to stay involved with helping out my peers, staff, and the community in any way I can!

Engineering Global Leadership student Sharon Sun has served as VP and as President of the Tauber Student Advisory Board. Sharon presented student concerns to Tauber leadership, coordinated mentorship and social programs to bring the Tauber community together in new ways, and was instrumental in developing a virtual alternative for the Global Operations Conference due to COVID restrictions.

For her Tauber Team Project, Sharon spent this past summer working for the Brunswick Corporation’s Mercury Marine Division to improve supply and inventory management by providing solutions and corresponding implementation plans to streamline supplier sales and optimize operations planning.

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