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Establishing And Maturing A Digital Infrastructure For The United States Government

NCMS recently established a novel, secure, cloud environment to allow industry, academic and government users to remotely collaborate on the design and production of additively manufactured parts.

This project will illuminate the key differences in the full life-cycle of a newly developed product, between the new digital methods and traditional methods of manufacturing.

The impact of the project will show the significant time reduction and cost savings when using this cloud-based digital process and additive manufacturing, and position NCMS to capitalize on the newly recognized value of the digital proving ground.

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Student Team:

Bryce Garver – Master of Business Administration

Liz Rubenson – EGL (BSE Biomedical Engineering/Master of Science in Engineering in Biomedical Engineering)

Project Sponsors:

Michael DeHeer – Senior Project Manager, Digital Enterprise & Initiatives

Jon Riley – Senior Vice President, Digital Enterprise & Initiatives

Faculty Advisors:

Wei Lu - College of Engineering

Mohamed Mostagir - Ross School of Business