Prospective Students

At Tauber, you are the heart of a dynamic community that will lead the field of operations into the future.

In an ever-changing business landscape, operations is not only about supply chain – and most likely neither are you. You want to know how to make a difference in an organization that creates value for its customers and for the world.

Operations empower you to impact supply chains, product development, strategic financial investments, and sustainable enterprises across industries. You will use digital technology, data analytics, and calculated process improvement to achieve your goals.

To become the best leader in operations, you must understand diverse perspectives and develop a broad set of experiences. The Tauber Institute's "community within a community" provides you with not only a multidisciplinary education but also exposure to team based action learning where you can thrive while learning from others.

When you graduate, you will be an adaptable and innovative leader, ready to take on Industry’s toughest operations challenges. You will have proven success through your Tauber Team Project, leveraged our corporate relationships, and you will join Tauber alumni across the globe in a fulfilling career.

We are your success, and you are ours. 

Alec Cohen of the 2012 Amway Project team presenting at Amway Headquarters