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Student Perspective by Claire Covner

Claire Covner (MBA '22) joined the Tauber Institute for Global Operations through the Michigan Ross School of Business. Claire and her Tauber project teammate Shreya Agrawal (MSE-IOE '22) spent the summer working together to help their sponsor Estee Lauder optimize online inventory positioning across third-party logistics-operated distribution centers. Their goals were to improve sustainability, unboxing experience and speed to customers, and to reduce operational costs.

My journey to Tauber wasn’t traditional, but I absolutely have no regrets.  I actually decided to join the Tauber Institute just a week before school started and was admitted off the waitlist during the first week of school.  During my application journey and time as a prospective student, I knew I was interested in Operations but wasn’t sure about a specialized curriculum.

Coming into Ross I had planned to pivot into consulting. Prior to business school, I spent four years working in merchandise operations at a retailer. I was pretty set on the consulting recruiting path and doing so in the traditional way until I attended the Operations & Supply Chain Alumni Panel. There I heard from several Tauber alumni who went into consulting after graduating and were able to both pursue consulting and gain an operations-focused education. While I had exposure to Operations in my pre-MBA job and worked adjacent to Supply Chain, I wanted to formalize that less traditional operations experience and learn where the concepts and methodologies I used every day originated.

What I’ve experienced so far after joining Tauber has checked so many boxes and more. I’ve been fortunate enough to have found a wonderful community of like-minded peers, to have a cross-disciplinary education, and to have just wrapped up a fabulous Tauber team project experience at The Estée Lauder Companies in Online Supply Chain. I’m excited to see what year 2 has in store!

What is a Tauber team project?

Hear directly from Tauber students Shreya Agrawal (MSE-IOE) and Claire Covner (MBA) about their Tauber team project experience working for Estee Lauder.

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