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Value Stream Mapping and Waste Elimination In the MirrorEye Supply Chain

Stoneridge challenged Tauber students to create value and eliminate waste in the production of Stoneridge’s innovative camera monitor system called MirrorEye.

The team developed Value Stream Maps to increase process visibility and examined logistics and plant operations for opportunities to create long-term value and improve sustainability for Stoneridge and its customers.

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Adrien Beaufils – EGL (BSE in ME/MSEIndustrial & Operations Engineering)

Nolan Feeny – EGL (BSE and MSE in Industrial & Operations Engineering)

Jordan Owens – Master of Business Administration



Laurent Borne – President of Electronics Division and CTO

Archie Nimmer – Head of Operations, EU & India

Kyle Wolfe – AME Operations Consultant



Mariel Lavieri – College of Engineering

Brian Talbot – Ross School of Business