Value Case for Real Time Supply Chain Event Management

Supply chain disruptions such as port strikes, natural disasters, and system outages are costly and cause a great deal of impact. These types of disruptions have been difficult to predict, leaving supply chains in a reactive operating mode with high latencies in response time. Dow wants to leverage real time monitoring, big-data analytics, and machine learning technology to increase the predictive and communicative power of their existing supply chain.

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Student Team:

Peter Callahan–Master of Business Administration

Prerna Dean–Master of Supply Chain Management


Project Sponsors:

Tom Ammerman–Global Supply Chain Director, Dow Automotive Systems

Mitch King–Supply Chain Director, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Improvement

Jeffrey Tazelaar–Global Leader, Supply Chain Innovation


Faculty Advisors:

Yan Huang–Ross School of Business

Siqian Shen–College of Engineering