Using AI to Automate and Scale Digital Twin Technology for Advanced Manufacturing

The Tauber team is working with Ford’s Factory Digital Twin team, a key driver of the company’s Manufacturing 4.0 transformation that delivers advanced manufacturing technologies.

The Factory Digital Twin team wants to significantly reduce the human effort currently required for classifying assets in order to allow a Manufacturing Digital Twin to cost-effectively scale across the entire enterprise. The Tauber team will develop an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that automates the asset identification and classification process as well as provide a blueprint for future additional implementations.

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Student Team:

Michael Fanelli – EGL (BSE & MSE in Mechanical Engineering)

Matthew Rosales – Master of Business Administration

Project Sponsors:

Mark Goderis – Technology Manager, Manufacturing Technology Development

Annie Zeng – Digital Twin and AI Specialist, Manufacturing Technology Development

Faculty Advisors:

Vijay Pandiarajan – Ross School of Business

F. Andy Seidl – College of Engineering