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Unlocking Bowling Green Plant Untapped Capacity

Have you ever bought green beans or a salad kit at Costco? They were likely produced by Curation Foods, an innovative natural foods company.

The Tauber team identified and implemented ways to increase capacity and streamline operations at the Bowling Green, Ohio plant. By measuring overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and applying the lean methodology, the team improved productivity and reduced costs, ensuring a steady supply of greens to customers like you!

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Joe Bertha – Master of Science in Engineering in Industrial and Operations Engineering
Pablo Martinez – Master of Business Administration
Deb Xavier – Master of Business Administration


Jim Buatte – Sr. Director of Continuous Improvement
Jeff Korengel – Vice President Project Management– New Product Commercialization


Debra Levantrosser - College of Engineering
Lisa Pawlik - Ross School of Business

Project Photos

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