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Transforming Integrated Planning for Hypergrowth

The Tauber team was tasked to support the management hypergrowth ambition by evaluating the current forecasting and inventory management techniques, identifying critical areas of improvement, designing a solution, and implementing it to ensure efficient planning processes in two different business units.

Project results enabled Gunung Sewu in aligning business processes to meet the business objective of hypergrowth and simultaneously has the potential to deliver revenue growth by 5.54%, cost savings of $1.45M annually, and improvement in service level by ~15% across the two business units.

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Student Team:

Muthueaswaran Ayemperumal – Master of Supply Chain Management

Gaurav Goyal – Master of Supply Chain Management


Project Sponsors:

Wayan Ardana – Production Director, GGF, Gunung Sewu

Michael Budi – Corporate Planning Manager, GGF, Gunung Sewu

Denny Budianto – Retail Manager, Semasi, Gunung Sewu

Tjandra Soewarto – CEO, Semasi, Gunung Sewu


Faculty Advisors:

Luis Garcia Guzman – College of Engineering

Eric Svaan – Ross School of Business