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The Target Team will work to enhance inbound receiving efficiency at Target's Regional Distribution Centers (RDC) Network. They will focus on both automated and manual processes, utilizing analytics, data sciences, and supply chain management strategies. The goal of the project is to reduce non-value-added time and improve carton throughput metrics like CPM and CPH, while paving the way for future growth and sustainability in the supply chain.

Student Team:

Jaidyn Chauhan  –  EGL (BSE/MSE Indutrial and Operations Engineering)

Kate Howard  –  EGL (BSE/MSE Indutrial and Operations Engineering)

Jack Naidrich  –  EGL (BSE/MSE Indutrial and Operations Engineering)

Project Sponsors:

James McLean  – Lead Executive Recruiter

Kyle Murphy  – Director of Field Operations

Amanda Zimmerman  – Director Supply Chain

Faculty Advisors:

Raed Al Kontar – College of Engineering

Joline Uichanco – Ross School of Business