Supply Chain Strategy, Methodology and Implementation

The Tauber team developed a custom forecasting methodology for accessories, raising forecast accuracy from 51% to 83%. The methodology was created using trend analysis of past sales data on a regional level, in combination with vehicle sales estimates. The team also developed an inventory management policy to guide all inventory related business practices. The new inventory management policy garners value through reducing obsolescence costs, air-freights costs, lost sales, etc. The team worked with a third-party vendor and implemented an integrated technology solution utilizing live data streams from multiple sources to deliver an automated self-correcting system. The portal is expected to reduce obsolescence cost, lost revenue, and air-freight costs to $2.7M (reduction of 76%) rendering savings/additional revenue of $83.1M over the next five years.

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Student team:

Shashank (Sonny) Chiranewala – Master of Supply Chain Management

Tomtsa Chishi – Master of Supply Chain Management


Project Sponsors:

Ben Finden – General Manager: National Warehouse Ops & Strategy

Anu Goel – VP of Parts and Logistics


Faculty Advisors:

Damian Beil – Ross School of Business

Mariel Lavieri – College of Engineering

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