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Streamlining Go To Market Operations

The Tauber team developed short-term and long-term process improvement initiatives that focus on reducing time-to-market for new services and billing errors.

The team conducted interviews to codify tribal knowledge into business processes and best practices, resulting in the creation of a dynamic launch playbook and guidance for new product owners.

The team implemented these resources, reducing the learning curve for product owners and providing new metrics for business operations teams to track process performance.

The team also provided a thorough plan on how to leverage this guidance over the coming months, which included milestone dates and suggested roles and responsibilities to ensure its continued utility.

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Student Team:

Ishan Khandelwal – Master of Business Administration

Brian Lettman – Master of Business Administration

Bernardo Villarreal Garza – EGL (BSE/MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)


Project Sponsors:

Tom Bartlett – Senior Director, Business Planning

Richard Chin – GM, C+E Business Planning

Alex Herz – Group Manager, Business Planning


Faculty Advisors:

Edward Smith – Kellogg School of Management

Quentin Stout – College of Engineering