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Streamlining Gas Leak Detection and Repair

In order to safely deliver large volumes of natural gas to customers, Pacific Gas & Electric must constantly leak survey and repair its gas transmission and distribution system. The current gas leak management process is highly complex and may include redundancies or inefficiencies. The Tauber team was tasked with simplifying and streamlining the process to improve visibility, limit variability, and reduce the error rate in detecting and responding to leaks.

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Student Team:

Norman Farquhar — Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Mark Spencer— EGL (BSE/MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)


Project Champion:

Kelly Ball — Director of Gas Pipeline Operations and Maintenance

Project Supervisor/Liaison:

Brittany McKannay — Gas Program Manager


Faculty Advisors:

Debra Levantrosser — College of Engineering

Owen Wu — Kelley School of Business (Indiana University)