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Strategic Improvements to Microsoft Azure Promotions

The current Azure promotions strategy is limited by operational constraints that exist in Microsoft’s legacy platforms. Due to these constraints and the lack of a cohesive strategy, Azure business planners have not been able to realize the full potential of promotions. The Tauber team focused on two different areas of Microsoft's cloud-first, modern transformation. First, the team was tasked to create a go-to-market strategy for modern promotions based on evaluating the current promotions structure of Microsoft cloud applications. Second, the team assessed and made recommendations for procedures to evolve Microsoft’s professional offerings to be cloud optimized, enabling a better overall experience for the company’s cloud services customers.

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Student Team:

Michael Barnes — Master of Business Administration

Rahul Hingorani — EGL (BSE/MSE Electrical Engineering)


Project Sponsors:

Tom Bartlett — GM, C+E Business Planning

Richard Chin — GM, C+E Business Planning

Alex Herz — Director, C+E Business Planning


Faculty Advisors:

Quentin Stout — College of Engineering

Andrew Wu — Ross School of Business

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