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Standardizing Decorative Paint Operations at the Everett Delivery Center

The Tauber Team was assigned to identify best practices to paint customer-specific decorative liveries for wide-bodied aircraft for the Boeing Company. The team combined institutional knowledge and data analysis to create a uniform set of procedures designed to reduce total process and rework time, as well as variability in the painting process, and tested this methodology on incoming planes to assess its effectiveness and sustainability.

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Student Team

Nathan Block – EGL (BSE Electrical Engineering/MSE Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Michael May – EGL (BSE Aerospace Engineering/MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)

Alexander Mize – BSE & MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering


Project Sponsors

Stephanie Wang – Operations Manager

Craig Wood – Superintendent, Decorative Paint Operations


Faculty Advisors

Richard Hughes – College of Engineering

Brian Talbot – Ross School of Business