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Refining Supply Chain Network Strategy for Aquafina

PepsiCo’s flagship bottled water brand, Aquafina, constitutes nearly 10% of total PepsiCo demand and drives a large portion of the company’s supply chain complexity and cost. The Tauber team was tasked with analyzing Aquafina's complex network modeling tool to identify and prioritize areas of opportunity along with formulating recommendations to capitalize on these opportunities.

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Student Team:

Maaz Khalid—MBA & MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering

Joshua Thariath—EGL (BSE & MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)


Project Sponsors:

Erika Lewis—Senior Director NAB Supply Chain Strategy

Michael Reynolds—Senior Manager NAB Supply Chain Network Strategy

Jeffrey Sanko—Senior Director PBC Supply Chain Strategy


Faculty Advisors:

Xiuli Chao—College of Engineering

Sanjeev Kumar—Ross School of Business

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