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Re-Engineering Quality Inspection Processes via ML-Enabled Toolkit

Boeing Commercial Airplanes manufactures the iconic 737, the highest production commercial jet with over 10,000 aircraft produced to date.

The Tauber Team is working with 737 Production Profitability in the Renton Factory to develop a Quality Sign-off (QSO) Call Predictor tool powered by a dynamic, machine learning model capable of forecasting and prioritizing quality inspection calls.

In addition to helping inspectors plan their daily schedules efficiently and minimize mechanic waiting time, this QSO tool helps quality managers optimize resource allocation, reducing overall flow time and labor hours while increasing yearly production capacity.

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Andi Bustamante – Master of Business Administration & MS in Environment and Sustainability

Haley Clafton – EGL (BSE Mechanical Engineering/MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)

Felipe Grossi – Master of Business Administration

Cross Pagano – EGL (BSE & MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)


Lam Ma – Boeing Production System Integrator, BCA Manufacturing Excellence

William Chen – Manufacturing Quality Standards, BCA Manufacturing Excellence


Richard Hughes – College of Engineering

M. S. Krishnan – Ross School of Business