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Quality Operations Improvement for Online Grocery Delivery

The Tauber team performed a comprehensive root cause analysis on the sources of out of stock rates at one of DoorDashes high profile partners, Miejer. After narrowing down the most significant impacting sources of out of stock, the Tauber team helped optimize a real time inventory system for the shopper team to help mitigate customer dissatisfaction. Additionally the team created a feedback loop between Meijer’s stocking teams and the DoorDash’s catalogue team to reduce future lost sales. Lastly, the Tauber team acted as the sole area manager for the Chicago region, managing over 20 stores. Through this role the team was able to contribute optimizations to standard operating procedures for store launches, management, and auditing processes.

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Estefania Avila-Anchondo – Master of Science in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering


Daniel Han – Director of New Business Verticals
Scott Maduri – Senior Manager of New Business Verticals
Eun Ro – Senior Manager of New Business Verticals


Roman Kapuscinski - Ross School of Business