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Process Improvements for Scheduling of Work in Maintenance & Construction

The Tauber team began with an assessment of the current PG&E maintenance scheduling process through a study of practices across 6 different divisions.

The team developed recommendations for the areas of crew capacity, emergency allocation, work coordination, and crew awareness. Following a successful pilot, the team developed a comprehensive implementation plan.

System-wide implementation of the recommendations is projected to save PG&E $400K-$600K annually. In addition, future recommendations to address other process issues that were identified can potentially save the company $1.6M per year.

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Student Team:

Ameya Bongale – EGP (MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)

Nantha Rajendran – Master of Business Administration

Allison Sheesley – EGP (MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)


Project Sponsors:

Darrell Feldman – Senior Manager, Work & Resource Planning

Vincent Gaeto – Director, Super Gas Ops


Faculty Advisors:

Matthew Brown – Ross School of Business

W Monroe Keyserling – College of Engineering

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