Optimizing Synergies Across ConAgra’s Supply Chain

The Tauber team aims to optimize the frozen food supply chain at ConAgra by creating synergies across the brands ConAgra already offers. Additionally, by creating these synergies, the Tauber team will analyze if a hub-and-spoke model is the best solution.

ConAgra 2023

Student Team:

Isabel Rolfe – EGL (BSE/Master of Engineering in Industrial & Operations Engineering)
Rachel Karaban – Master of Business Administration

Project Sponsors:

Craig Weiss – Senior Vice President Supply Chain
Sam Beadle – Senior Director, Productivity Program Management

Faculty Advisors:

Ravi Anupindi – Ross School of Business
Wei Lu – College of Engineering

Project Photos

conagra team
The Tauber team, led by Isabel and Rachel, is exploring a new concept in our inbound supply chain to our Frozen foods plants. They are evaluating the synergies, in a Post COVID world, where we have created more flexibility and redundancy in our supply chain, to optimize the inbound flow of materials. This could unlock significant savings to our supply chain.

I have been particularly impressed with their balance of technical and business acumen skills; both of which are critical when tackling a network project like theirs………..
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain, ConAgra Brands