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Optimizing Freight Presentation and Sequencing Criteria of CONS freight for ART Inbound Receipt

In 2023, Target expected that 17.7M cartons on a weekly basis within RDCs must be processed through automated print and apply technologies to maximize throughput and productivity efficiency. Inbound logistics struggled to meet these throughput goals during peak weeks due to the lack of defined loading criteria and load sequencing in trailers destined for Target from 3PL Consolidator and De-consolidator facilities. This project focused on developing standardized loading and unloading sequencing criteria for 3PL partners originating from these facilities to meet peak weekly throughput demands at RDCs. This project won first place at the 2023 SPOTLIGHT! Competition. 

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Student Team:

Alexios Avrassoglou – EGL (BSE/MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)
Santiago Currea – EGL (BSE/MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)
Austin Tauber (no relation) – EGL (BSE Chemical/MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)

Project Sponsors:

Kyle Murphy – Director, Field Operations
Amanda Zimmerman – Director, Supply Chain

Faculty Advisors:

Andrew Wu – Ross School of Business
Lei Ying – College of Engineering

Project Photos

Target 2023 Tauber Students
Our students this year are rated as exceeding our expectations with the project outcomes & quality of work they delivered for this project.

The company benefited from the technical skill set the team brought to our company to identify and help solve the problem they were given. We also benefited from a fresh perspective and set of eyes to look at things differently and from a different viewpoint.
Amanda Zimmerman
Director, Supply Chain