Optimizing Continuous Drug Product Manufacturing with PCMM

Pfizer is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies that is investing in making life-saving medicines available to patients more quickly.

The Portable, Continuous, Miniature, and Modular (PCMM) manufacturing platform transforms the industry standard of using batch production in Solid Oral Dose tablets by manufacturing continuously and enabling agile processing of portfolio demand.

The goal of this Tauber project is to assess and strategize the utilization of PCMM to handle an increase of 50% in demand for late-phase clinical projects.

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2020 Spotlight! 3rd place

Casey Carlson – Master of Business Administration
Anubhav Gupta – Master of Science in Engineering in Industrial and Operations Engineering

Kenneth Nadeau – PCMM Operations Manager
Robert Noack – Sr. Director Drug Product Manufacturing
Paul Stewart – Vice President Drug Product Supply


Ravi Anupindi – Ross School of Business
Quentin Stout – College of Engineering

Project Photos

2020 Pfizer Team Onsite