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Optimized Design of Steel Joist Production Scheduling System

The Tauber team is partnering with American Industrial Partners and Canam Steel Corporation to enhance the accuracy and standardization of the current work order scheduling system for steel joists. The project scope encompasses a comprehensive analysis of the routing and sequencing of the current manufacturing process. The goal is to develop a roadmap to a more accurate scheduling system that enables standardization in sequencing, thereby improving visibility and efficiency in the production of steel joist products with varying complexities.

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Student Team:

Christian George – EGL (BSE /MSE Computer Science)
Ziyu Han – EGL (BSE /MSE Computer Science)

Project Sponsors:

Leslie Hardin – Managing Partners
Scott Redmond – Director of Quality and Engineering Services
Almira Dogruyol – Senior Industrial Engineer

Faculty Advisors:

Izak Duenyas – Ross School of Business
Oleg Gusikhin – College of Engineering