Optimization of Remanufacturing Operations through Mechanization and Technology

The Cummins New & Recon Parts (NRP) division specializes in remanufacturing; a complex enterprise of restoring used parts back to new part specifications. The NRP division wanted to improve the economic viability of their operations by: 1) identifying opportunities for automation at two plants in the U.S. and Mexico and then scaling globally to apply to all eight division plants, and 2) sorting the incoming parts to avoid non-value-added labor and inventory costs.

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Student Team:

Rahul Aggarwal–Master of Supply Chain Management

Jack Bryce–Master of Supply Chain Management

Avneesh Singh–Master of Supply Chain Management


Project Sponsors:

Robert Enright–General Manager, New & ReCon Parts, Cummins Inc.

Leon Huerta–Business Development Manager, NRP, Cummins Inc.

Nikhil Vajandar –Functional Excellence Manager, NRP, Cummins Inc.

Shawn Zwicker–Director, NRP Global Operations, Cummins Inc.


Faculty Advisors:

W. Monroe Keyserling–College of Engineering

Owen Wu–Ross School of Business

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