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Modernizing Joist Fabrication Time Standards

Canam Steel Corporation, a portfolio company of American Industrial Partners, is a leading manufacturer of steel joists and deck structural building products. It currently relies of a legacy system called ‘DESGO’ to estimate the cost and time required to manufacture its products and uses this estimate to calculate pricing for each job. This legacy system is outdated and requires an update on its estimation module of time and cost.

The Tauber team over the summer will work on creating a fresh cost estimation module for Canam’s products, helping the company accurately allocate its overall costs to each of the job it performs and will ultimately use it to create a new software to replace the legacy DESGO system.

2022 American Industrial Partners

Student Team:

Zaki Hassan – Master of Business Administration
Lavya Upadhyay – MS in Industrial Operations Engineers
Matthew Schneider – EGL (BSE in Computer Science & MS in Data Science)

Project Sponsors:

David Woodruff – Operations Associate
Michael Martignetti – Vice President of Sales - US Joist & Deck

Faculty Advisors:

Raed Al Kontar – College of Engineering
Ari Shwayder – Ross School of Business