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Modeling Supply Chain Risks for Agricultural Sourcing

Curation Foods is a natural foods company, dedicated to making fresh, plant-based foods accessible to as many people as possible. With increasing threats to California’s farming industry due to climate change, there is a growing need to accurately predict the agricultural yield and harvest dates.

Curation Foods has asked the Tauber internship team to produce the following deliverables: A predictive model that accurately forecasts the broccoli harvest window, a model for tracking growing performance across the broccoli life cycle, and a scorecard and dashboard for tracking grower performance within different regions in California.

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Student Team:

Brody Bushnell – Dual Juris Doctor & Master of Business Administration

Dean Golan – EGL (BSE & MSE in Industrial and Operations Engineering)

Project Sponsors:

Albert Bolles – Chief Executive Officer

Tim Burgess – Senior Vice President of Supply Chain

Jeff Korengel – Vice President of Program Management and Procurement

Faculty Advisors:

Sam Aflaki – Ross School of Business

Margaret Wooldridge – College of Engineering

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2021 Curation Foods
2021 Curation Foods
2021 Curation Foods
2021 Curation Foods