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Micro-fulfillment Center (MFC) Inbound Process Standardization

Gopuff’s network of over 500 micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) enables delivery of essential goods within minutes. The Tauber team will analyze the process of stocking an MFC—how, where, and when should product be placed? Recommendations to improve inventory management and space utilization will be provided to Gopuff along with a roadmap for a scalable pilot.

Student Team:

Molly Barstow – MBA & MS in Environment and Sustainability

Anya Kothari – MSE in Industrial and Operations Engineering 

Sharan Manjunath – MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering 

Project Sponsor:

Ryan Somplasky – Senior Program Manager, Process Engineering

Faculty Advisors:

Lennart Baardman – Ross School of Business 

Max Li – College of Engineering