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Manufacturing System Data Integration Strategy

General Motors relies on a global network of manufacturing plants to meet the auto market’s high-volume demand as it rapidly evolves with new technologies disrupting the industry. Keeping production lines perpetually running requires plant workers to be agile when responding to machine errors, though data that is pertinent to machine maintenance is spread throughout different systems that are siloed and often difficult to work between, slowing maintenance repair time. The Tauber team was tasked with creating a solution for this problem by developing a digital platform that consolidates key data that is easily accessible for plant workers to use primarily for rapid response and repairs during machine errors, and in turn, increasing overall throughput.

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Student Team:

Gustavo Acosta — Master of Business Administration

Zachary Cavazos — EGL (BSE Computer Science Engineering/MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)

Oleksandr Martynenko — Master of Business Administration


Project Sponsors:

Christopher Barclay — Global Enterprise Asset Manager

Steve Holland — Maintenance Shop Director


Faculty Advisors:

Vijay Pandiarajan - Ross School of Business

Atul Prakash - College of Engineering

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