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Manufacturing Asset Management Using RFID

The Tauber team worked cross-functionally with GM Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing Operations, and Finance, along with technology suppliers to formulate the strategy to select, integrate and apply RFID asset tracking. The team delivered the following:

  1. A financial analysis that quantifies the incurred costs due to current inefficiencies and the proposed savings generated by implementing the RFID system
  2. An analysis of current RFID technology and the best approach and applications for GM's needs
  3. A decision-making framework for selecting RFID equipment (tags and antennae)
  4. A framework for selecting RFID suppliers
  5. A framework to connect IT systems and prototype applications using text analytics, asset mapping and work order creation using RFID

Considering all the ramifications of lost assets, the potential savings are estimated at $20M+ annually. The team also evaluated possible synergies with the container management and the mobile equipment department for use of RFID. If the synergies are tapped, the total potential savings are estimated at $42M+.

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Student Team:

Adrian Bazbaz – MS Aerospace Engineering

Vinayak Modi – Master of Supply Chain Management


Project Sponsors:

Christopher M. Barclay – Global Asset Manager

Robert N. Blankenburg – Global Asset Manager - Vendor Tooling

Ronald P. Mills – Director, Global Business Services - Asset Management


Faculty Advisors:

James Price – Ross School of Business

Fred Terry – College of Engineering