Levers for Quality Transformation

The scope of the Quality Transformation project is to understand the impact that quality levers have on the stability and quality of the Boeing production system. Included in the scope is the creation of a model that forecasts defects produced on the 787 production line based on historic manufacturing and quality data and current environmental conditions. An understanding of quality levers necessary for building the model will then be used to recommend preventative actions and fundamental changes to improve the stability and quality of the Boeing production system and in turn, reduce the cost impact per plane.

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2020 Spotlight! 3rd place Winners

Klara Mateju – EGL (BSE & MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)
Hanna Vincent – Master of Business Administration

Hector Silva – Director of Product Development and Quality Functional Excellence
John Yu – BCA Leader for Quality Operating System

Len Middleton – Ross School of Business
Prakash Sathe – College of Engineering


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