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Joist Trek: the Next Generation

After a deep dive into AIP Canam’s current state of plant configuration and existing processes in those plants, the Tauber team built a framework to evaluate costs, benefits and risks for future design alternatives. Based on analysis using this framework and in-depth discussions with the R&D team and key stakeholders, the team proposed a course of action to realize Canam’s ideal future state, resulting in significant improvements in labor efficiency, safety, and capacity.

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Jack Claucherty – EGL (BSE & MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)

Almira Dogruyol – EGL (BSE & MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)

Elena Stefanko – EGL (BSE Electrical Engineering & MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)



Danny Davis – Partner, American Industrial Partners

Gregory Matson – Director of Planning, Canam

Joel Stanwood – Partner, American Industrial Partners



W. Monroe Keyserling – College of Engineering

Eric Svaan – Ross School of Business

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