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Industry 4.0 - Connected Factory Data Analytics

Stanley Engineered Fastening (SEF), a $2.0 billion division of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. that manufactures and supplies fasteners across the industrial and automotive industries, is seeking to improve efficiency, and labor productivity through maximizing asset uptime, creating a minimum of $350k in annual saving.

The Tauber team investigated immediate and continuous improvement opportunities through benchmarking, as well as developed a standardized playbook to facilitate the implementation process of such Industry 4.0 factory technology.

A cost-saving template is also created to capture the business value of Industry 4.0 connected assets and monitor the progress of current projects.

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Stephanie Chan – Master of Science in Industrial & Operations Engineering

Jen Hung – Master of Science in Industrial & Operations Engineering



Nathan Dietrich – Industry 4.0 Deployment Manager North America

Moses Pezarkar – Smart Factory Manufacturing Engineer (Chesterfield)

Paul Wempe – Advanced Manufacturing Engineer (Elyria)



Samantha Keppler – Ross School of Business

Jun Ni – College of Engineering