Increasing Utilization of the Partnered Carrier Program (PCP)

The Tauber team’s initial focus was on conducting a current state analysis to capture trends in the Partnered Carrier Program (PCP) utilization across different market segments. Their current state review included data analysis, Seller interviews, Seller visits, and targeted polling.

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Student Team:
Vinayak Bahl – Master of Supply Chain Management
Matt Kaplan – Master of Business Administration


Project Sponsors:
Ajay Agarwal – Senior Manager, Product Management, FBA Business
Gokul Balasundaram – Product Manager, FBA Business
Mark Duroy – Senior Product Manager, FBA Business
Yujie Meng – Business Analyst, FBA Business


Faculty Advisors:
Debra Levantrosser – College of Engineering
Joseph Wells – Ross School of Business

Project Photos