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Inbound Container Routing at Amazon Robotics Sortable Fulfillment Centers

Amazon is seeking the best routing decision process for item placement within Amazon Robotics (AR) Fulfillment Centers (FCs). The Tauber Team’s focus is to create a data-driven and pilot-tested decision framework for processing inbound packages. The solution will intelligently route inbound packages by prioritizing products according to time criticality and storing them at optimal locations, allowing Amazon to deliver products at lower cost, with greater and more reliable speed, and with more efficient space utilization at FCs.

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Student Team

Mohit Mengale — Master of Engineering in ManLifacturing

Charles Su — MBA & MS Industrial and Operations Engineering


Project Sponsors

Ben Mullican — Senior Program Manager, Ops Integration

Saravana Sigamani — Principal Program Manager, 0ps Integration

Greg Zielinski — Director, NACF ACES Ops Integration


Faculty Advisors

Hyun-Soo Ahn — Ross School of Business

Siqian Shen — College of Engineering