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Improving Trailer Load Accuracy

Target’s current Regional Distribution Center (RDC)-to-store trailer loading process allows discrepancies between physical product contents and the virtual record of the trailer, which directly impacts store inventory integrity and, when compounded over time, leads to lower digital fulfillment and in-store sales.

The current scan-to-load process captures defects that result from an unstable process, hindering the RDCs ability to effectively capture legitimate trailer load defects.

This project aims to establish a stable measurement process to enable RDCs to identify root causes for trailer load inaccuracies and make recommendations to minimize this discrepancy.

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Claire Foley – BSE Mechanical Engineering, MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering

Rachana Modi – Master of Business Administration

Ariella Rose – Master of Business Administration



Nicolas Caretta – Director of Operations Research

Heath Holtz – Senior Vice President of Field Operations

Preston Moiser –Executive Advisor



Robert Inman – University of Michigan, College of Engineering

Owen Wu–Indiana University, Kelley School of Business