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Improving Reliability to Ensure Operational Readiness

The Amazon Logistics network is rapidly expanding, growing 89% YoY. To ensure Operational Readiness of the Last Mile for the customer, the Reliability and Maintenance Engineering team is strategically developing a competitive advantage by the deployment of proactive reliability solutions. The Tauber team is working to build a Reliability Index Scoring tool that assesses Delivery Station’s Operational Readiness in four Reliability focal areas - Equipment Maintainability, Process, Human, and Equipment Reliability with a machine learning model that predicts the operational impact of Severity event occurrence. The inputs are visualized in an automated online dashboard, which will identify specific reliability focal improvement areas. The outputs will quickly guide the user, in order to facilitate reliability tactics.

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Gonzalo Enrique Luna Jacobs – Master of Business Administration

Priti Singh – Master of Engineering in Global Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering



Conrad Hernandez – Reliability Manager, Amazon Logistics



Hyun-Soo Ahn – Ross School of Business

Albert Shih -– College of Engineering