Improving Online Customer Service Operational Efficiency Using Conversational AI

The goal of the Dell project is to explore using conversational artificial intelligence to build a virtual assistant for handling product returns. The intended results are to increase operational efficiency by creating a 24/7 customer service option, to reduce waste in labor costs for basic return queries, and to drive a self-service adoption into the rest of the company. Dell asked the Tauber team to collect the necessary information, develop the code infrastructure, and create the machine learning models needed to accomplish this task.

Tauber Students:

William Wang – Master of Business Administration 

Ryan Wu – M.S. in Computer Science

Project Sponsors: 

Srishti Gupta – Senior Advisor, Data Science

Sailendu Patra – Senior Data Scientist 

Faculty Advisors: 

F. Andy Seidl – College of Engineering

Andrew Wu – Ross School of Business