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Improving Efficiency in Microsoft Payment Incentives

Microsoft Incentive Operations is responsible for launching, improving, and supporting $7 billion worth of annual partner transactions globally. The complexity of these processes has grown exponentially as partners, payment options, products, and global regulations have increased.

The Tauber team has worked to successfully create an artificial intelligence tool to identify inconsistencies in upstream data and has used robotic process automation to remove manual efforts and standardize how payments are tracked. These tools have not only promoted cost and time savings but improved the accuracy of payments to partners.

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Meitong Hu - Master of Science in Engineering in Industrial and Operations Engineering

Jovana Paripovic - Master of Science in Information



Jay Olvey - Director of Process and Execution

Kieran Keane - Senior Operations Program Manager



James Omartian - Ross School of Business

Christian Lastoskie - College of Engineering