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Gatorade Water Use Optimization

The Dallas Gatorade plant has Sustainability Goals which include a 30% reduction in its Water Use Ratio by 2025. The team created immediate savings by implementing water projects and developed a plan for future initiatives by mapping water usage, analyzing process data, engaging with technical stakeholders, and modeling future water use projections.

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Katie Cameron – Master of Business Administration

Wes Davis – Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Environment&Sustainability


Tim Carey – Vice President, Sustainability

Tony Grinstead – Engineering Manager, Dallas Gatorade

Andy Lempera – Director, Engineering Sustainability

Chris McKenna – Senior Principal Engineer, Sustainability

John Thibodeau – Senior Vice President, Engineering


Lennart Baardman – Ross School of Business

Steven Skerlos – College of Engineering

Project Photos

2020 PepsiCo Onsite
2020 PepsiCo Onsite 2
2020 PepsiCo Onsite 3
2020 PepsiCo Onsite 4