FSJ Plant Lean Transformation

Dell currently contracts with electronics manufacturer Foxconn in San Jerónimo (FSJ), Mexico, to provide the final (L10) assembly operation of desktops and servers. The business is faced with fierce competition with stringent service level requirements and severe downward margin pressure. To reduce production cycle time, eliminate waste, and most importantly to foster a lean culture in the plant, the Tauber team was asked to work with Dell and Foxconn on strategies, tactics, implementation, and culture changes to help FSJ embark on its lean transformation journey. The Kaizen projects implemented by the Tauber team together with Foxconn workers are projected to have 10% productivity improvement on Servers and 12% improvement for Desktops at FSJ, equaling a productivity gain of $3 million per year.

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Student Team
Seng-Hsiang (Peter) Lin – EGP (Master of Engineering in Manufacturing)
Siddarth Shanker – Master of Supply Chain Management
Mi (Ivan) Yu – Master of Supply Chain Management


Project Sponsors
Vinu Athreya –Director, Dell Worldwide Procurement
Kevin Kreiling – Executive Director, Dell DAO Supply Chain Operations
Laura Lujan– Senior Manager, Dell Global OPS Engineering
Fabian Rodriguez – Project Manager, Foxconn San Jerónimo
Ralph Yang – Chief of Staff, Foxconn San Jerónimo


Faculty Advisors
Debra Levantrosser – College of Engineering
Len Middleton – Ross School of Business

Project Photos