Flexible Seat Track Assembly

Brose Group is a global supplier of mechatronic automotive systems for seats, doors, and drives with sales revenues of €6.1 billion in 2019.

The Tauber team is focused on developing recommendations to enable cross-line manufacturing compatibility for seat tracks produced in Queretaro, MX, and Michigan, US facilities in order to improve utilization of existing assembly lines and reduce future fixed cost investments associated with seat track manufacturing.

The team’s analysis will encompass changes to the product designs, assembly line configurations and capabilities, and entire seat product value stream, culminating in track assembly recommendations for the Seat division to further Brose’s progress toward its cost reduction goals.

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Ji Hyun Kim – Master of Science in Engineering in Industrial and Operations Engineering

Ben Roos – Master of Business Administration


Derek Caldwell – Director of Product Unit, Front Seat Structures

Joseph LaRussa – Director of Industrial Engineering, Seats Division

Victor Perez – Manager, Industrial Engineering, Seats Division


David Chesney - College of Engineering

James Price - Ross School of Business