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Filler Recirculation to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Water Losses

The Tauber team is tasked to work with the Pepsi Beverage Co.’s Sustainability team to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy costs associated with its Gatorade processing lines. The project includes analyzing and quantifying previous process/equipment enhancement projects, developing new improvement opportunities, and potentially piloting modifications in the Atlanta plant. The Tauber team will also work to standardize any best practice improvement findings to allow for implementation in other lines and sites across Pepsi North America.

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Student Team:

Steven Oranges – Master of Business Administration

Thomas Walkinshaw – EGL (BSE Mechanical Engineering & MEng Energy Systems Engineering)


Project Sponsors:

Tim Carey – Senior Director, Supply Chain Engineering Sustainability

Chris McKenna – Senior Principal Engineer, Supply Chain Engineering Sustainability


Faculty Advisors:

Steven Skerlos – College of Engineering

Brian Talbot – Ross School of Business

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