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Evaluating and Improving Supply Chain Robustness

Variability has increasingly impacted customer service performance and cost, but the cumulative nature of these impacts is only partially understood by supply chain stakeholders. In order to better serve its customers, General Mills seeks to understand where its supply chain lacks resiliency against variability, and how supply chain robustness can be quantified, monitored, and improved in order to support General Mills’ shift toward agility.

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Student Team:
Rajat Bhatia—Master of Supply Chain Management
Teresa Viola—Master of Supply Chain Management


Project Sponsor:
Beth Blaylock—Initiative Leader, HMM & SC Strategy
Stephanie Buscher—Supply Chain Analytics Consultant
Christine England—Senior Manager, Supply Chain Technology, Analytics & Process
Carol Heppes German—Program Manager, HMM & SC Strategy


Faculty Advisors:
Hyun-Soo Ahn—Ross School of Business
Matthew Plumlee—College of Engineering