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Engine Quality Improvement through Heightened Visibility

To prepare for the increased complexities of electric propulsion systems, GM set an aggressive quality certification for its eight North American gas engine plants to achieve by the end of 2017. One component of this certification is an ambitious reduction in the percentage of engines shipped that experience problems when subsequently built into vehicles at GM’s North American vehicle assembly plants. GM partnered with a Tauber team to analyze defect information in all eight North American engine plants for commonalities and contrasts, and to then leverage the subsequent findings to identify opportunities for quality improvement.

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Student Team:

Ryan Anderson - Master of Business Administration

Peter Paquet - EGL (Dual BSE-CSE and BSE-DS Engin & MSE-CSE)


Project Sponsor:

Robert Geist - Shop Director Engines and Transmissions


Faculty Advisors:

Jeff Alden - College of Engineering (Technical Fellow, General Motors)

Jill Schloff - Ross School of Business

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