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Early Warning Systems

The Boeing Early Warning Tauber students were tasked with creating a preventative risk management tool over the course of the 14-week internship. The team used focused interview groups, external benchmarking, and data analysis in order to create a sustainable and useful tool for Boeing’s safety management system.

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Student Team:

Aidan Fitzgerald – EGL (BSE/MSE-Industrial and Operations Engineering)
Delenn Bauer – Master of Business Administration
Lis Martinez-Bernal – EGL (BSE-Biomedical/MSE-Industrial and Operations Engineering)

Project Sponsors:

Wendi Folkert – Director Supply Chain Propulsion Strategy
Kimberly Brock – Systems Engineering Manager
Kartik Raju – Product Development, Sustainability and Manufacturing Strateg

Faculty Advisors:

Stewart Thornhill – Ross School of Business
Monroe Keyserling – College of Engineering