Development of Environmental Sustainability and Waste Reduction and Reuse Framework

The Tauber team was tasked with developing a strategy to address rising costs of industrial waste treatment and disposal at the Ithaca Transmission Components plant.

The goal of the project was to investigate alternative waste solutions that would be economically and strategically advantageous. These solutions reduce costs incurred from disposing of industrial wastes, anticipate regulatory changes around waste disposal, and extend BorgWarner’s philosophy of creating a “Clean Driving Experience” into its production operations.

By continuing to implement the developed strategy, the team estimates that BWMS Ithaca could realize a total annual cost savings of up to 43.5% for the identified industrial waste streams.

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Student Team: 

Sennan Li – Master of Supply Chain Management

Makeda Stephenson – Master of Engineering


Project Sponsors:    

Dennis Bubel – Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Mike Kubarek – Senior Staff Engineer - PE

Robert L Morey Jr. – Senior Staff Engineer - PE


Faculty Advisors:    

Steven Skerlos – College of Engineering

Owen Wu – Kelley School of Business

Project Photos